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 Tami Loscher reviewed Sunridge Assisted Living5 star

As I have been looking into care centers for my grandma this has been the MOST up front and honest place in regards to their prices. Their plans are easy for older people to understand. No complex 6 different care levels or fees for every time they need assistance with something. No in depth assessment before they will give you a price sheet … It’s in the packet they give without asking or being shady!!! (Not the case with 90% of the places I’ve looked at). As we took grandma to visit Sunridge Assisted Living everyone stopped and asked her name showing genuine care throughout our visit. They treated us to lunch which grandma gave praises to how good their food was. Grandma is still nervous about leaving her house but the staff and residents were so welcoming it really showed her she would be well taken care of. More reviews to come after she, cross your fingers, decides it’s for sure a move she’s ready to make from her beloved home.

 Dustin M Nye reviewed Sunridge Assisted Living5 star

Just took a tour of the building and all I can say are wonderful things. The staff is delightful and Trina provided me with a comprehensive walk through. I look forward to working with and being part of this magnificent community.


I have told everyone I know about this beautiful new community! The staff are so kind and genuine. I know all who enter this community will be very well cared for.

The staff is soooo friendly and nice. Can’t wait to move my parents in

 Steve Thompson reviewed Sunridge Assisted Living5 star

Very vibrant place well lit up especially as you walk in the door.

Katherine Hove – 5 Star
Sunridge is a beautiful new assisted living facility with a great team to provide care!
Great staff, beautiful facility, great services available!!!!!
Wonderful facility, and also an amazing staff. I would definitely recommend Sunridge Assisted Living to anyone looking for a comfortable home for your loved one.

Allen Gritton

This is a beautiful new building. The people here are very friendly and a joy to talk to. Heather is great!


This is a fantastic building, with a fantastic staff! I wouldn’t think twice about sending anyone I truly cared about here. New facility, experienced staff, you can’t ask for anything more!


Such an amazing Assisted Living. Warm charming environment with amazing food and the employees are amazing. I would recommend this facility to everyone and anyone!
This is a beautiful new community. The staff are so friendly and attentive. They truly care for the residents. As a professional in Senior Living, I would highly recommend this community.
I was very impressed with this facility! It was beautiful, clean and very cheerful. The services offered were just what we were looking for. The staff interacted with my mom in such a positive way that it helped me feel comfortable about having her stay there.
I have worked in Healthcare for many years and I was very impressed with Sunridge. It was not only a very beautiful place but there was a true comfort to the atmosphere. Very friendly and kind people. A Great experience!!
This is an amazing new facility in West Jordan. The building is beautiful and the staff are the best you’ll find anywhere! If you need assistance for a loved one, do yourself a favor and stop in and see this wonderful assisted living!

I had the opportunity to tour this beautiful community today. I was impressed with the gorgeous, spacious rooms, dining room, amenities for activities and the soothing water features on the grounds. The staff were pleasant and inviting which made for a wonderful atmosphere. I would place my loved one here without hesitation. Very nice!

Sunridge Assisted Living is equipped with all the essentials of comfort. Rooms are spacious, welcoming, and well lit. Staff are sincere, helpful, and knowledgeable. The facility is located in a quiet and clean neighborhood, and very accessible. I’m excited to visit, and at peace as I leave. Thank you for providing such a delightful place for those we love.


Sunridge Assisted Living had everything we were looking for and much more. The location is very convenient and the building is beautiful. Feels more like you are walking into an upscale hotel than an assisted living center. All the rooms are very well thought out to provide the assistance seniors need. The staff is all very friendly and knowledgeable. And with a onsite fitness room, hair salon and game room seniors are able to have there needs met with ease.
The staff at Sunridge is so amazing, everyone was courteous and helpful. The building is clean and seems like a great option for my mom. We took a tour and she loved the place! We were struggling to find an option for her that will take care of her needs and we finally found it, our family is so excited to have found a great new home for her.
This community is going to be one you won’t want to miss. It’s not a facility type, but more of a place to call home. They’ve thought of everything – from comfort, to safety, to creating an atmosphere for our loved ones to not survive but THRIVE! I felt like I had seen them all, until I stepped through those doors and it only got better from there. Heather makes you feel that as a family member you are not only welcomed, but invited to be part of it all. As a family member, that is of great importance to me. It’s a hard decision to make this transition, but I know this is the place that will make all the difference!
I work in health care. Its part of my job to work with Assisted livings in Salt Lake County, so every time there is a new one built I go check them out. The first thing I noticed was the great location. The building stands out and is very inviting. I was warmly greeted by the Administrator, Cheryl, and later met Heather who gave me a tour and showed me the prices which were very affordable for such a nice looking and brand new building. There are several room size choices so anyone can choose what suits them best, and the closets are HUGE. In my experience I can see this place filling up fast. I know I would recommend it.

If you are looking for an assisted living or memory care center for yourself or a loved one, I would highly recommend scheduling a tour of Sunridge Assisted Living. This is a beautiful facility managed by a genuine, caring staff. The apartments are very attractive and inviting. What is especially impressive is how much management and staff care about the residents. There is a family-like environment for both those who live and work at Sunridge Assisted Living.

Heather in the front office is amazing, and this facility is beautiful. My mom was afraid to go, but after 5 days she’s starting to love it and has been motivated and more healthy. So happy we went in to see them.

My BFF works for this company. At first I thought she was just trying to make the company sound good but after she took me in to see the place and meet some of the residents and coworkers I do have to admit that it was very nice place the people were nice and the place smelled nice as well. It seem that the residents were very happy 5 of the residents that I got to meet they all said good stuff about being at Sunridge Assisted Living to long to write.  After what I experience the good feed backs from residents I hope I can work for this company as soon as they need more staff.

There’s a certain peacefulness and love as you walk in. Then when you get to know the staff you know is because they all work together and truly love the residents. From housekeeping to management they are a team working FOR the residents to be happy.

The food here is excellent. The best I’ve had at an assisted living facility by far.

I love being part of the community at Sunridge Assisted Living!! We have such a great team here where everyone is willing to help out wherever help is needed. Our supervisors and other upper management are fast acting on any situation which is amazing! I have never seen such love and compassion in one place! I am so grateful to be part of such an extraordinary success!!

Recently moved my mother in. I am so impressed with everyone that I have meet or interacted with. Just amazing people. They made making a tough decision of moving her in a lot easier. So welcoming!

Toured this community they are beautiful with a wonderful friendly staff.

Mike Romano

May 1, 2017

Sunridge Assisted Living and Memory Care is fabulous!..Heather and her staff are excellent to work with and everyone there genuinely cares about every resident, as well as their family. We were definitely stressing about finding a good facility for our mom, but when we toured Sunridge Assisted Living, we knew she would love it. It has warm, comfortable feeling. Very clean and each caregiver has definitely been wonderful to my mom. Heather is great to work with and she has helped so much along this stressful time..Thank you Sunridge Assisted Living..You are magnificent!